Top Rated - 6M GAMES HTML5

This game is based on classical matching games but with millions of players from all over the world, challenge your friends or strangers to see who is the match king. HTML5

Try to become the biggest snake by eating other snakes in this addictive like game.

Princess Birthday HTML5

Help Anne to decorate her room as she will make a party for her birthday. Help her from their friends arrive.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Bahamas HTML5

jigsaw puzzle is drag and drop kind of game, given a scattered pieces of image, rearrange it so it become consistent meaningful image.

Unblock It HTML5

"Unblock It" is a nice brain game where simulation by imagination takes plave, you simulate the movement of parts geometrically, increase your intelligence by playing this game.

Save The Monsters HTML5

Can you save the monsters, use the mouse to aim and release to save them from the hanger.

Fast Moto Flash

Try to get high rank by get the finish line in the minimum time. HTML5

Your goal in this game is to destroy all the enemy castles while making sure your own castle is strong enough. Upgrade your castle, launch attacks on enemies and enjoy this fast paced online strategy game. HTML5

Quek is a survival game where you survive by collecting resources which you get by mining and building structures and upgrading your defenses,.

Fashion EMO Girl HTML5

EMO girls was always different in their style. Help the EMO girl to choose the best clothes for big event. Give her a fashion advice if you are expert.

Christmas Parkour Santa HTML5

it's Christmas time, so Santa wants to deliver gifts to children houses, and he needs your guidance to avoid harmful obstacles.

Lappa Memory HTML5

Lappa Memory is a nice memory game where you should memories the shapes in the pictures and try to match them up, use the mouse to do so.

Winter Racing HTML5

Beat the other cars to win the race, use the arrows to do so.

Faster Than Zombies Flash

Try to escape from group of zombies by running and jumping and collecting the nitro to maximize your speed. HTML5 is an online multiplayer beach volleyball game that you can play with your friends or strangers. Contains amazing graphics and a vast majority of player designs to play with/ HTML5

you join thousands of players online in a quest to steal the throne from the chosen player king!.

Christmas Santa Claus Rush HTML5

Help Santa to distribute 12 gift on the kids in the Christmas day. Jump to avoid the holes and collect the gift to use it later.

Tap & Clapp HTML5

Tap & Clapp is a mouse based game but an addictive one, the timing is everything can you find the right time to turn the ball into squar and the square into a ball again to control the movement, the goal is to deliver the object into the basket.

Bazooka vs Zombie Flash

Help bazooka to shoot zombies to save the city and release hostages. Be a hero and save the city it is your time to make your name unforgettable. HTML5

This game's main goal is to dominate all the land and conquer other player territories to establish your own kingdom and become the best strategist. HTML5

Lichest is the largest chess game online with millions of players from around the world.

Cyber Basket HTML5

There is an arrow on the ball, use that arrow when it is pointed to the direction that is desired and then tap or click to make it jump.

Shoe Designer Fashion Week HTML5

Do you dream of becoming a fashion designer start by the simplest part in fashion, Shoe Designer is a nice game where you design shoes of the week, use the mouse to do so or touch and let's see how will you do.

Dotted Girl Family Day HTML5

Help the Dotted Girl our hero to make her have a nice family day as she did not have that from a long time, she helped us many times in the past, it is now our turn to return the favor, use the mouse and follow the instructions to help her.

Monster Runner Flash

Try to run as fast as you can to escape from your enemies and collect the maximum number of coins in your way. HTML5

Choose a side, Humans or Vampires. Join the battle and kill as many players as you can from the opposite side to make your side the ultimate race in this fast paced online action game!. HTML5

Magicks is an online Role playing game where you level your character while collecting resources that you use to get upgrade and build structures.

Paper Dash HTML5

Is a nice game where you should get to the end point, tap or click to jump over obstacles, follow the instructions and collect stars, good luck.

Spear Toss HTML5

Can you deliver the arrow to a far point to score the highest score, use the mouse to aim and release to let it fly.

Theater Stage Makeover Flash

Help her queen to make a makeover for the theater, use the mouse to control the game.

Family Rush Flash

You must reach the end of the track escaping from the monsters and evils. Along your way you can collect coin to use it to improve your skills and weapons. HTML5

Choose the creature to shoot bullets to kill your enemies or ram the enemies and control it by the mouse. Try to collect as many points as you can to place yourself in the top of the scoreboard. HTML5

Free throw is a game that tests your basketball free throwing skills by letting you do it!.

Uphill Rush 2 Flash

Collect the coins and try to reach the end line in the minimal time.

Neon Hockey HTML5

As the usual eon jockey games try to score three goals to win the game, use the mouse to control the movement, good luck in that.

Goblins vs Skeletons HTML5

Goblins vs Skeletons is a crazy sequence based game of licks use the mouse to click or touch, the aim of the game is to make players fail to distinguish between who should be drowning and who should pass to the second hill.

Last Day Flash

This is the last day for Earth, lead the journey of the asteroid to take all of the space's objects eat as many as you can during your journey to the Earth.

Hungry Zombies Flash

You have a group of hungry zombies try to get your city. You must stop them immediately. Use all weapons available in your hand to kill them and save the people and children. HTML5

Create your imagined 3d world with another peoples. Control the game by using the mouse and wasd keys to control the camera. HTML5

Morterra is an online browser survival game, collect resources, get upgrades,, build structures and survive to win!.

Cute Spider Dress Up Flash

The cute spider now needs your fashion advice to his new outfit. Can you help him ?.

Battleship War HTML5

Is a classic board game where you should place ships in order to get them attack each other and take down the opponent.

Mountain Mind HTML5

Mountain Mind become a legend in skills related to memory, remember the pictures and match them up, use the mouse to do or touch.

Trial Rush HTML5

Use the arrow keys to take down all your opponents in this nice bike racing game.

Jack vs. Zombies Flash

Help jack to shoot zombies and kill all of them. You have a number of bullets try to use them to shoot all of them to be able to move to the next level. HTML5

Survive in the endless world. Build a fleet of star ships and collect power ups and compete with another people.

Solitaire Classic HTML5

Solitaire Classic is a classic solitaire game with the default solitaire rules, classic graphical user interface, use the mouse to select and place cards to win the game.

Candy Fairy HTML5

You are living in a city that built by candy. Your mission is to fly and shoot the yellow bags to open it and collect the candy and save the city from the witch as she want to destroy the beautiful city.

Ellie and Jack Ice Dancing HTML5

Prepare Elsa and Jack for the Ice Dancing, chose from the collection the best for their appearance, let's see how will you do.

Penalty Challenge HTML5

Do you love penalties?, in this high graphical game you are required to save 5 shots and have 5 attempts as well to score to your opponent, use the mouse or tap to do so.

Halloween Face Art HTML5

It is the Halloween!, use the mouse to make the Halloween's make over for our princess, this time she wants to truly change her look, let's see how far can you go with that!.

Cowboy vs. Zombies Flash

Shoot zombies with less possible bullets and gain points to upgrade you weapons and be stronger in the next level.