Zombie Games

Plague Week HTML5

Your mission in Plague Week is to kill all the zombies, use the mouse to swipe and kill all of them, can you kill all of them? .

Save The Monsters HTML5

Can you save the monsters, use the mouse to aim and release to save them from the hanger.

Sniper vs Zombies HTML5

There are Zombies everywhere, everyone is afraid to kill them, do you have the guts to take them all, kill all the zombies but find them before it is too late, scan the place, use the mouse to scan and click to shoot.

Gun Zombies HTML5

Use the mouse and number controls or tap controls to control the game, the aim is to survive the zombies attack.

Zombie Crisis HTML5

Zombies will attack the town, it is really a bad time for them now please they need your help to be saved, save them become their hero.

Zombie Night HTML5

Upgrade your weapon to be able to protect your city from zombies. Fight them and prevent them reaching the city where your people live.

Zombilla Team Flash

Zombilla team is consist of group of zombie killers your mission is to tap on screen to kill zombies.

Good morning zombies Flash

Zombies now present in the jungle. Help the hero to fight and eliminate them before they reached the towns.

Zombie town story Flash

Zombies now spread in the city trying to bite humans. Try to eliminate them using your various weapons and save the town.

Bombing Zombies Flash

Throw the bombs on zombies to kill them and stop them reach the city. Save the city and be brave it is fight time.

Zombie vs doctor Flash

You are a doctor who discover a new cure for zombies. so you got an idea of putting the cure in a bullet and try to shoot zombies with gun to help them turning into human again.

Cowboy vs. Zombies Flash

Shoot zombies with less possible bullets and gain points to upgrade you weapons and be stronger in the next level.

Jack vs. Zombies Flash

Help jack to shoot zombies and kill all of them. You have a number of bullets try to use them to shoot all of them to be able to move to the next level.

Hungry Zombies Flash

You have a group of hungry zombies try to get your city. You must stop them immediately. Use all weapons available in your hand to kill them and save the people and children.

Bazooka vs Zombie Flash

Help bazooka to shoot zombies to save the city and release hostages. Be a hero and save the city it is your time to make your name unforgettable.

Faster Than Zombies Flash

Try to escape from group of zombies by running and jumping and collecting the nitro to maximize your speed.