Sports Games

Extreme Craft HTML5

Extreme Craft is an extreme speed game where you go insane with your speed but take care of spikes not to make them blast and kill you, use left and right arrow to drive the craft to the forest point.

Ice Skating Challenge HTML5

Can you make the skating challenge, use the mouse and keyboard to move the our queen and become the legend in skating.

Skating Courses HTML5

Help Annie to get dressed in the perfect costumes, use the mouse to chose from the collections.

Animal Olympics - Weight Lifting HTML5

Help animals to left the weights use the mouse to do so, click the dots continuously as fast as you can to make it in the least time possible.

Super Soccer Star 2 HTML5

Super soccer is all about being a great soccer tactician who can score goals from different hard angles with a lot of obstacles in the way!.

100 Meter Sprint HTML5

Use the left and the right arrow to get to your maximum speed and win the race.

Basketball Legends 2020 Flash

Become a Basketball legend by playing matches and scoring goals, play with friends or against the computer, let's see your potential.

Football Legends 2020 HTML5

Become a legend in Football, many modes are available also you can play as a multiplayer with your friends or against them, save the boll and strike super strikes to win the matches and become a legend.

Douchebag Workout 2 Flash

Become a Douchebag by training hard to build your body in the GYM, the goal is to turn this game character into a healthy and strong muscled guy, help him to achieve his goal.

ASKL Flash

ASKL is a sports game that is based on balancing the unicycle with out falling while racing, use 'a', 's', 'k' and 'l' to control the movement, the fastest you can get the biggest will be the score, enjoy!.