Solitaire Games

TriPeaks Solitaire HTML5

TriPeaks is a triple solitaire game where you should stack the three cards, from the Ace to the king.

Freecell Solitaire 2020 HTML5

Yet another fabulous solitaire game with great graphics, use the mouse to stack cards from Ace to King.

Solitaire 3 HTML5

Use the keyboard to stack cards from the ace to the king.

Solitaire 1 HTML5

Solitaire 1 is the second installment of Solitaire classic games, classic look for solitaire players lovers, use the mouse or touch to control cards.

Magic Solitaire: World HTML5

Is a classic Solitaire game with a nice magical look, use the mouse to control cards.

Spiderette Solitaire HTML5

Like classic solitaire use the mouse to control the cards, let's see how will you do.

Solitaire Fortune HTML5

Solitaire Fortune is a classic solitaire game for solitaire game lovers, nice graphical user interface, enjoy playing.

Spider solitaire! HTML5

Build a stack of cards and put the king above Ace to make a great tower. put the smaller card above the larger one to make perfect stack.

Solitaire Classic HTML5

Solitaire Classic is a classic solitaire game with the default solitaire rules, classic graphical user interface, use the mouse to select and place cards to win the game.