Snake Games

Snake Attack HTML5

Snake Attack is a cool snake classic game where you should eat all fruits but take care of the biggest snakes as you know it is the law of animals, the stronger eats the weakest, here is the mission become the strongest by obeying some strategy.

Snake and Blocks HTML5

Help the snake get over all obstacles, use the mouse and the keyboard to eat and pass all obstacles.

Angry Snakes HTML5

Angry Snakes are everywhere you have the power to take them all but with a strategy you can not just eat all of them as some are bigger so chose the smaller size eat food to grow older and then kill other small or equal sized snakes.

Snake Blast 2 HTML5

Snake Blast 2 is the second installment of snake blast games, tap or click to move the snake and avoid other larger snakes, collect the food with the same color to grow.

Silly Snakes HTML5

Silly Snakes is a nice snake game where you choose your snake and eat the same colored food until you grow and eat other smaller snakes, the only thing that will kill you is to touch a bigger snake, use the mouse or touch to control your snake.

Snake Blast HTML5

Use the arrows or the touch keys to eat all food without touching other snakes.


Use the left and right arrow or tap to play this nice snake game, take care of your length and the obstacles.

Snake and Ladders HTML5

Roll the dice and try your chance. if the dice gave you a number that there exist a ladder in the cell you will go up but if there exist a snake you will go down.

Color Line HTML5

You have a dancing line with specific color and you have to keep it walk forward and eat the dots with the same color. Avoid eating dots in different color.

Snake and ladder HTML5

Take the dice and move step forward as the dice number but if you got a bite from any snake you will back to the end of tail. HTML5

Snok is a classical snake game with a twist, this game is much faster than normal snake games and is definitely more challenging and worth the try. HTML5

Enjoy the ultimate snake experience with the all new snake game, eat as much as you can but remember to avoid other snakes as if you run into them you will die. Collect the gums to get bigger and bigger and eat the bugs for extra size and power.