Running Games

Dwarf Runner HTML5

Dwarf is going to get to his Mother but it is a long way and full of danger guide him to the place and collect as many stars as you can.

Chino Run HTML5

Chino Run is a nice endless addictive game where you should avoid obstacles and win the highest score, in order to do so you have to think fast what is the next move before the it is too late, use the mouse and keyboard or tap the controls to control the character.

Hurdle Rush HTML5

The player is going in sane he wants to win the race so he decided to run as fast as he can, as a result, he wants to be alerted if some obstacle is in his way and how to avoid it, you are required to play that part, can you help him ?.

Lumber Runner HTML5

Collect golden coins while running, can you do so and stay alive?.

Snail Bob 4 html5 HTML5

Is the fourth installment of Snail Bob games where you should collect all stars and avoid all obstacles, can you do that in the quickest time possible, to get the highest score, goodluck.

Tap Touch Run HTML5

The goal in this game is to touch the flag in each level, tap or click to run, let's see if you can do it in each level.

Bunny Run HTML5

Your Bunny is running help him to get to his maximum speed, you can jump, swerve, figure it out yourself and get the max score, take care of obstacles not to kill your bun.

Tap touch dash online HTML5

Just tap and the whole thing will start. One tap to jump and two taps to avoid a crash. Try to stay for the longest time to gain more points. Concentrate and play.

Tomb Runner HTML5

Run as fast as you can. The more distance you cover the more points you gain. Avoid the obstacles to prevent losing while collecting the diamonds to increase your points.

G Switch Flash

Run and avoid the obstacle by using X button or left mouse to change your position by inverting the gravity overcome the obstacles and gain points.

Give Up 2 Flash

The second version of Give Up, harder obstacles to stay alive you have to pass them all, Can you run without falling in any of the obstacles?.