Puzzle Games

18 Wheeler Jigsaw Puzzle Flash

Are you a puzzle lover, use the mouse to solve the puzzle and solve the challenges as quickly as you can.

Exit Isol8 HTML5

Solve the puzzle to discover space, use your mind to imagine how will you move pieces, use the arrows to control the game, before you ake a move imagine white it is gonna get you if u missed up you can undo using the z button.

Ball Way HTML5

Is a nice puzzle game, think about how the ball will get to the aimed position, use the mouse to do so.

Succour The Man Wolf Flash

Succour The Man Wolf is a new escape game, use the mouse to control the game, solve the puzzle in the fastest time.

Forest 360 Flash

Forest 360 is a puzzle game where you should escape all scenes by solving the puzzle, use the mouse to do so.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Halloweeny HTML5

Jigsaw Puzzle: Halloweeny is a new puzzle game where you should collect all pieces to make the picture, use the mouse to collect pieces.

Dr. Acorn 2 HTML5

Dr. Acorn is having his next trip help him our to achieve his noble goal to cure cancer, find the hidden solution in each puzzle to make him able to pass to the next level.

Mixed World 2 HTML5

Enjoy solving puzzles in a cool world, the creatures can form into different forms, check the hidden hints and find your way through, use the mouse to move and control the game.

Jigsaw Puzzle Doggies HTML5

Jigsaw Puzzle Doggies is a classic puzzle game, use the mouse to drag and drop pieces to form the desired picture.

Fruit Rush HTML5

Find the patter to win the level, use the mouse to do so, let's see if you will figure the puzzle in each level.

He Likes The Darkness HTML5

Use the arrows to control the game, you should collect all stars to advance to the next level, can you do so?.

8 Gears HTML5

Is a nice puzzle game where you should make circles all role together can yo solve the puzzle in the least time possible.

Hexagone HTML5

Use the mouse to solve the puzzles all together, can you do that in the fastest time possible?.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Bahamas HTML5

jigsaw puzzle is drag and drop kind of game, given a scattered pieces of image, rearrange it so it become consistent meaningful image.

Super Sudoku HTML5

do you consider yourself a Sudoku master? super Sudoku is the best game to show up and and challenge yourself, hurry up and discover how far can you go.

Wood Slide HTML5

Is a nice game where you should swap parts to create a path, good luck in this mission .

Ladybug Secret Mission HTML5

In this nice game you should collect the pieces of the puzzle to solve it, use the mouse to collect click on the hidden pieces.

HalloweenParty HTML5

In this game you should connect at least thee object of the same type, you have limited time so do it as fast as you can.

Village Story HTML5

Use the mouse to make the farmer's food and animals get to the other side without anyone eating the other, without losing anything.

Mastermind HTML5

You have limited number of attempts to guess the next color in the sequence.

Number 7 HTML5

Number 7 is a nice cool new game, the aim is to but 3 squares of the same number to get the number that is equal to i+1 where i is that number, use the mouse to move the squares.

Fruit Matching Game HTML5

The ultimate candy crush browser alternative but this time with fruits not candy!. match 3 fruits to destroy them and get as many comboes as you can.

Virus-Attack HTML5

Try to eat all the lines on the screen before the virus attack gets to you and destroys all your efforts to the ground.

Flowers HTML5

An addictive browser puzzle game where you try to connect all the flowers on the boards together to cover the whole board with!.

Jelly Madness HTML5

Use the tap or the mouse to solve the Jelly Madness puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Rain Forest HTML5

More nice puzzles are waiting to be solved,Jigsaw Puzzle Rain Forest has many challenging levels and pictures, try to solve the piece in the fastest time possible.

Jigsaw Puzzle Autumn HTML5

Drag the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle and if you stuck at any point you can look at the original picture.

Saturday Night Linker HTML5

Connect the disco floor with the same color together in order to play new song. Use your skills to success in this puzzle.

Colored Shapes HTML5

An addictive puzzle game where you try to match colors with shapes.

Tap My Water HTML5

Try to control the water leak as fast as you can! try to figure out where the source of the leak is and fix it!.

Islands HTML5

Solve this mystery puzzle game by placing the islands in the correct places.

Find The Ball HTML5

A great game where you try to find hidden balls by clicking on positions you think the ball is hidden in.

Acropolis Escape Flash

Try to escape from the acropolis as you are surrounded with walls as a prison. Use you skills to solve this puzzle.

Trollface Quest 3 Flash

Solve the puzzle to defeat evil and become a hero, use the mouse to control the game and use your mind to solve the all the puzzles.


Play SNAIL BOB 6 on 6 games website! Solve the puzzle and increase your score. Collect the stars and enjoy many levels!.

Trollface Quest 2 Flash

Trollface Quest 2 is the second Installment of Trollface Quest games, the idea of this category of games is to crack the puzzle by clicking on the mouse, in this second version of the games more scenes and levels are available.


You need to reconnect the puzzle parts in order for the ball to slide over its path. On each successful level your gain some stars. Try to reduce the number of moves as much as you can to achieve the best record.

Match Arena:Candy Crush HTML5

What about playing candy crash with your friends and online players. This time you can unleash your mind and have some good plans. Try it now!.

Pierre Hotel Flash

Too bad!, your-girl is lost in the Pierre hotel you can not let her die their as you know that place is held by a vampire that will instantly kill her and suck her blood, find clues to save your love before it is to late!.