Physics Games

Halloween_Wheel HTML5

Can you get that uni-wheel to a far point, use the mouse and take the challenge it is very hard to balance the wheel, score and share your score after that.

Unblock It HTML5

"Unblock It" is a nice brain game where simulation by imagination takes plave, you simulate the movement of parts geometrically, increase your intelligence by playing this game.

Stack the Crates HTML5

Click or tap to drop as much boxes as you can, after the time is p the score will be calculated according to the amount of boxes and their heights.

Neutrino HTML5

You have two types of shots, one for the shield and one for the Neutrino, destroy all the Neutrinos by allowing them to hit the target, let's see how will you do?.

Bounce master physics game HTML5

Do you love Physics?, this game is one of the most realistic physics based game, imagine before you make a move and make it quickly, let's see what well you do.

Light Ray's HTML5

In this nice game we have a light/laser source and we want to incidence the light beam into an object, your goal is to use your limited mirrors to deflect the light to control where it will go.

Knife Shooter HTML5

Can you imagine the motion of objects in space, let us see your skills in imagining how will you hit the target.

G-Switch 3 Flash

G-Switch 3 is the 3rd Installment of G-Switch games where you control the gravity to keep the character ruining, new components new features and challenges.

Physics Drop HTML5

Are you skilled in simulating physical objects and their physical motion, test your skills to drop the ball in the U shaped object by drawing lines.