Memory Games

Genius Memory HTML5

If you like memory games hen this game is recommended for you try working on your memory skills and improve them in this challenging game, use the mouse to control the game.

Crazy About Make-Up Flash

This is a game that is based on memory and concentration, here is the challenge, you will be given a picture and you should do the same style as the picture, time is ruining so you will need to be quick about it in each level, use the mouse as a controller.

Lappa Memory HTML5

Lappa Memory is a nice memory game where you should memories the shapes in the pictures and try to match them up, use the mouse to do so.

music simon HTML5

Is a nice game where you should tap or touch to play music and follow the pattern.

Brain Memory HTML5

Brain Memory is a cool simple memory based game that helps players to improve their short memory, a 2D grid will appear during the game as the level increases the grid size increases as well, try to click the lighted squares in the grid after you memorize them, note that they all appear in the same time so the order is the same for all, so there is no ordering just click them in any order.