Maze Games

Poke Mania 2 Maze Master HTML5

IS the second installment of Pake Mania games, in this game you should get out of the maze as fast as possible, use the mouse and keyboard to do so.

Bomb It 2 HTML5

Destroy all of your opponents and bomb them up, find your way through the maze and try to stay alive till the end, in Bomb it 2, more scenes are available and levels, new opponents as levels getting harder staying alive comes a bottleneck.

Roam Maze HTML5

Is a nice game where you should use your tactics to destroy all cubes with out falling, use the aswd or arrows to move and jump.

The Galactic Maze HTML5

Use the mouse to pass the maze, take care of long turns as you might not find the time for t.

Jagged HTML5

In this game you should solve the maze as quickly as you can, while doing that eat as candies as you can.


Use the ASWD to move and to get out of the maze, can you do it in real time, let's see!, more levels and complexity.

Maze Monster HTML5

Tap on the maze to make the path for the monster that allow him to move and collect the candy.

Vertix io HTML5

Find your enemies in a big maze and shoot him to get points. collect hearts to refresh your health to be able to continue fighting. do your best to avoid the enemies's fire.