Jumping Games

Box Jump Up HTML5

Can you jump straight without hitting the evil red block, use the mouse to make a single or double jump, take care of the time and share your score at the end.

Geometry Jump HTML5

Click or tap to jump over the obstacles, the aim is to get tho the finish line.

Boing Boing HTML5

Boing Boing is an energetic game where you should make the most number of flips, use the mouse or touch to do so.

Castle Dash HTML5

In this great game it's all about the right tap in the right time, use the tap or click to make our hero jump, have a great time playing this cool game.

Bouncing Birds HTML5

IN this nice game you should use the mouse to decide the distance of the jump, take care not to jump too high nor to fall, balance is the trick. good luck.

Temple Dash HTML5

Can you finish the track and get the end point in each level without falling off the hills, use the moue to tap and click a double click o double jump.

Paper Dash HTML5

Is a nice game where you should get to the end point, tap or click to jump over obstacles, follow the instructions and collect stars, good luck.

Cyber Basket HTML5

There is an arrow on the ball, use that arrow when it is pointed to the direction that is desired and then tap or click to make it jump.

Cube Xtreme HTML5

Tab or click to jump and pass overstates, be careful not to fall too.

Avalanche Flash

Use the right arrow to move and the up arrow to jump, Can you pass all obstacles and take as much score as you can?.

Neon Jump HTML5

In this cool game the goal is to get to the highest point by jumping and stepping over the neon bars, how far can you go ?, use the arrows or the mouse to move.

Jumping Box HTML5

In this nice game you are required to get over all obstacles by jumping, use the mouse to tab and release the mouse to making a jump.

Ball Vs Boxes HTML5

Try not to touch any obstacles to overcome the level, double click to jump higher.

Two Neon Boxes HTML5

Control 2 moving box characters and do hard jumps and challenging stunts to finish all the game levels.

Infinite Road HTML5

Control your character box and try to jump and do stunt challenges and finish all the game levels.

Go Right HTML5

Play the addictive jumping game now!> Try to jump with your box character and doing stun challenges.

Jump Box Ninja HTML5

Find your way up by keep on jumping without touching the obstacles.

Tap the frog HTML5

Tap the frog to jump from rocket to another rocket. pop the frog in the beginning to start the game and enjoy the adventure.