Flying Games

Fly or Die HTML5

Some monsters has conquered the world, can you fly and hit them all, use the arrows to stay balance, then kill all of them.

Bionic-Race HTML5

Our hero has just got an emergency, she's trying to arrive ta save the situation, use the mouse or touch multiple times while flying.

TicTec Shot HTML5

Is a fight game where you should defeat all flights, use the mouse or touch to move the plane and it will automatically shot when enemies are close.

Sky Knight HTML5

IN this game you should explode all enemies when you fly.

Hungry Fly HTML5

You are hungry now and you can fly, eat what you want and fly too.

The Amazing Flying Babbits Flash

Those Rabbits will do anything to take as much carrots as they can help them to take all the carrots they can in one move, use the mouse to adjust the flying position, force and angle. HTML5

Skyfight is the ultimate aircraft action game where you compete against millions of players online to be the king of the skies. Destroy as many enemy aircrafts as possible and climb your way to the top!