Cool Math Games

Speedy Math Race HTML5

Test your math skills, use the mouse to solve hard mathematical tasks, let's see how fast can your brain calculate, this game can increase the mathematical skills, play it frequently to see the change.

Medieval Merchant HTML5

Do you love big numbers? find the biggest number in all of the set each time, can you spot it in real time, Medieval Merchant is an educational game where it teaches kids how to spot biggest numbers in a set, Alternatively, adults can gain sharp sight from the game.

Genius Ran HTML5

Are you smart enough to solve the equation shown in the screen, use he mouse to write the answer and do it as fast as you can.

Yacht Dice Game HTML5

Jeff is a smart person so he got this game idea, get the best combination of the dices by rolling them then click the name of the combination, remember that their are 6 numbers per a dice so the combination is 6 to the power of n where n is the number of dices in our sample we have 5 dices a total of 7776 different possibilities, use the mouse to shuffle them and get the best combination. .

Emoji Math HTML5

Can you become a human calculator?, this game is designed to train the players to make simple calculation in real time, use the mouse and keyboard to write the answer.