Adventure Games

Money Movers 1 HTML5

Help those criminals to escape the prison use the mouse to design their escape way this is a strategic game.

Fancy Diver HTML5

Use the mouse to dive into the beach and discover new things, whi\o know what the ocean hide?.

Tamus & Mitta Flash

In this adventurous game, you should collect tools to pass the level, each friend will guide you on what to do, collect rewards and pass the levels until the last one.

Silly Ways to Die: Adventures HTML5

Silly Ways to Die: Adventures is an addictive mouse game that make you smarter, problem solving, fast reflex actions and much more, use the mouse to control the player, the goal is to survive the game.

Jungle Adventure HTML5

Our hero is trying to save his friends, there is no way other than directly passing through the jungle, to win the game and save all of them, avoid all harmful creatures and animals, use the arrows to control our hero, to kill enemies it is required to jump over them.

Risky Trip HTML5

Collect as much coins as you can, use the mouse or touch to do so as you go to this crazy trip.

Spirit of the Ancient Forest HTML5

Sarah is going to the forest, lead her way to the end of the forest alive, avoid obstacles and kill all enemies, to do that.

Christmas Parkour Santa HTML5

it's Christmas time, so Santa wants to deliver gifts to children houses, and he needs your guidance to avoid harmful obstacles.

Sun Beams 2 HTML5

Is the second installment of Sun beams games, use the mouse to click on object to make the sun reach to the inn.

Clown Nights HTML5

You got a full time job at a circus but you will deal with crazy clown so, can you survive in this situation?.

Balloon Crazy Adventure HTML5

Shoot all enemies and obstacles, as you advance in the game, the levels are getting advanced, help the balloon in it is missiob.

Bonbon Monsters HTML5

Feed the blue monsters and see how much score can you get out of it.

Daring Dozen Egg HTML5

A quest is undertaken by a squad of twelve eggs in order to go far beyond the limits, and they need your guidance on that.

Ninja Runner V1.0 HTML5

Run with a ninja and collect as much coins as possible while trying to jump over obstacles and level environments enemies.

Wheely 8 HTML5

Join wheely in his adventure on going back home after the aliens invaded earth!.

Run Panda Run HTML5

Run with your panda while try to collect as much coins as you possibly can.

Mummy Candies HTML5

Try to collect as much candles and lollipops for the mummy as you possibly can while trying to avoid enemies on your way such as evil pumpkins.

Color Tower HTML5

Try to build the tallest tower in the world in this amazing addictive game.

Hop Hop Ball! HTML5

Try to finish this game by hopping around with the ball over obstacles and enemies on your way.

Bubble Chicky HTML5

Try to smash the cheeky bunnies as fast as you can while helping your friend do the same thing.

The Sun Goes to Space Flash

9 Planets have been kidnapped your mission is to rescue those planets, the sun is going to do that but it needs your help, can you do it and save the day?.

Flying Farm HTML5

Help the farmer to bring his baby back to home. Manage your time in such way to be able to travel in the sky and avoid danger of the oceans and volcano.

Nynjump HTML5

Play with a ninja character and try to make impossible jumps and stuns to clear all the game levels!.

Interactive Buddy Flash

Use the mouse to take control of the guy on the screen to get money in order to but new cool stuff.

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story Flash

Play Snail Bob 6: Winter Story on 6mgames website for free! Your job is to facilitate the snail way till it exists the puzzle. Increase your score and move from one mission to another!.

Fireboy and Watergirl - The Forest Temple 201 HTML5

The Fireboy and Watergirl achieve their goal through cooperation. You need to concentrate while playing with them both. Use (A, W, D) to move the Watergirl and arrows keys to move the Fireboy.

Douchebag Life Flash

Become a douchebag in Douchebag Life, Douchebag Life is a one click game where you use the mouse to take decisions, can you turn this guy into a Douchebag?, lets see!.

Orion Sandbox 2 Flash

Is the second Installment of Orion Sandbox games, you have landed on the strange planet that you don't know about, try to survive and collect rewards, in the second installment, more challenges are available, can you survive and finish the game to return home.

Douchebag Beach Club Flash

Use the mouse to help our poor character get a nice style and body, the more attractive you are the more score you get, let's see how will you transform this guy into a nice handy stylish man.

Subway Surfers online HTML5

Escape the police and collect more coins. Jump over the trains and try a variety of special skateboards.

Skate Hooligans HTML5

Broke the glass! You must run from the police. What about collecting some coins too? Enjoy skating and increase your score while switching between different skateboards.

The Visitor Returns Flash

Help the Visitor i.e the alien to conquer the planet and grow larger, start by small objects till the visitor gets larger and larger to destroy and eat all the planet.

Happy Room HTML5

Do you like designing traps and damage others, this game fits you where you should cause as much damage as you can, let's see how will you harm them.

The Visitor Flash

Do you like aliens?, take the chance to guide the alien to destroy the planet Earth, the key is to make him grow as big as he can, start by eating small objects and then expands as the size of the creature.

Hanger Flash

Hanger is a cool game where you have to swing to all the way to the 24-th level without any damages, use the space key to release and the arrows to swing.

Dragon Hills Flash

Slide down and up the worm and eat everything in your way to gain weight and win the game.

Tiny Squad Flash

Help the ninja guy to accomplish his mission in the ice mountain by navigate him the right directions to reach the enemies and kill them.

Tarsy's Balloons Flash

Try to help Tarsys shooting all the the balloons in the party to spoil this funny day.

Critter cargo Flash

Drag critter to the trunk and click go to take him in a journey. Try to direct the vehicle to avoid accident. so, try to follow the instructions and road signs carefully to get critter in the end of the journey safe and happy.