Action Games

Dirk Valentine Flash

Dirk Valentine is a very well design game, the game story is about a hero that wants to save his girlfriend from the evil that took her, bullets can rebound and generate bridge to pass between obstacles and more, the game is full of surprises, use ASWD keys and the mouse to move and aim respectively.

Aim Clash HTML5

Aim Clash is a multiplayer fight game where you should kill your opponent first, rocks will be launched per each turn, the rockets that kills first win the game.

Untamed HTML5

In this nice game you can use special skills by clicking 1,2,3 use ASWD and space to shoot, good luck to regain your kingdom.

Zap Aliens Game HTML5

Tap or click on aliens as hey fall of he window your goal is to kill them before falling not to do damage.

Sven's Quest HTML5

Is a sword action game use the sword to defeat your enemies without being hurt, let's see how can you do it.

Money Movers 3 HTML5

Is the third installment of money movers games, you can play as a dog or as a guard, you have to switch between characters to complete the level, you can play as multiplayer or as a single player.

Wothan HTML5

Try to run from the dungeon fears and reach its end while avoiding obstacles and enemy on your way out!.

Maya Brick Breaker HTML5

In this game you should destroy all the bricks and prevent all balls from falling to the bottom of the window, enjoy playing this cool game and rate it after that.

Adolescent Room Escape Flash

Can you Escape the room?, look for keys to help you to solve the puzzle in each room.

Bad Eggs Online 2 Flash

This thrilling game is back with its second round and it is in your hand to make some scrambled eggs in this one-on-one battle. Hurry and get a weapon fast to be ready for the fight. ENJOY!.

Don't Whack Your Teacher Flash

Take revenge on your teacher and find a way to get rid of him as he was never nice to you. Let's see how will you take revenge.

Whack the Thief Flash

You have found a thief in your apartment, you still young but no fear in your eyes, let's see how will you punish this poor thief that made a huge mistake by entering your apartment.

Flipping Gun Simulator HTML5

Flipping Gun Simulator is a nice one click game where you should shoot the weapon you already have to flip it, the objective is to be as high as possible in order to advance to the next level and take another weapon, have fun enjoy!.

The Gun Game Redux Flash

Use your gun and enjoy hitting the targets. Increase your score and try new weapons. just stay in the green corner and start shooting.

TU 95 Flash

In this game the goal is to land the bomb in the desired place to clause damage to the enemies and win the war, follow the instructions and let's see what you can do.

Plazma Burst 2 Flash

Kill all enemies and save the world, the enemies are aliens that are trying to envade and conquer our planet, save the day and become a legend by shooting all of them.

Shoot Em Flash

Let's see how can you face those guys with guns, remember they are very smart so take care of them, they move smartly, take the challenge to kill them all.

Combat 4 HTML5

Fight other persons online and win the battle, Combat 4 is the fourth installment of Combat games, new weapons and features added already, beat all others and win the battle to be a master.

Mutilate A Doll 2 Flash

Do you have a negative energy now or do you want to kill someone ?, Mutilate A Doll 2 is the second part of Mutilate A Doll series that let you kill the character by multiple ways you can also torture him, his all yours just get it all out.

Super Mechs HTML5

Super Mechs let you develop your own robot to fight against others and to win matches, the goal is to keep on developing the robot to be invincible.

StrikeTactics HTML5

Strike tactics is similar to the infamous game red alert. This game is all about strategy, building upgrading and maintaining the strongest army to conquer all the other nations and be the ultimate nation.

Modern Combat Defense HTML5

Use the most epic weapons to kill your enemies and destroy their bases. This game is one of the best epic war games of 2018.

blockoomz Flash

Your task is to detonate all bombs without killing blockoomz. Try to choose the correct bomb to detonate and detonate the rest without hitting blockoomz.

Epic droid factory Flash

Drive a space shuttle and fight aliens from another world. They are seeking to kill all the humans so stop them and save the world.

Potato Rebellion Flash

In a sunny day the potatoes tried to escape from the farm so, you must smash them before escaping by clicking on them. Help the farmer to collect his crop before the big loss.

Revenge of The Kid Flash

The king has been cheated by his allies so, he decide to revenge. Help the king to shoot his enemies and collect the money.

Dillo Hills Flash

Dillo is sad because he has no wings but he got an idea that allow him to fly without wings. he will run and jump in the air using mountain curves. Help Dillo to be happy again.

Tavern of Heroes Flash

A wise king was ruling the kingdom and gained a big wealth. After his death the kingdom has left without a king. Fight to get the throne and be the king of the kingdom.

Slay with santa Flash

Help Santa eliminate the devils and collect gifts for them to give it to the kids in the new year. Try to shoot the maximum number of them to win.