Trucksformers 2 Flash

Drive this monster car and avoid obstacles in order to reach your destination in the shortest time.

Stickman Dirtbike Flash

Do you like stick man games, this time he is one a bike yus the keyboard to control the game, good luck.

Snow White Valentine Flash

It is Valentine time, use the mouse to make Princess Snow White a wonderful memory.

Cyber Girl Makeover Flash

Cybergirl wants to have her own makeover, use the mouse to make her a very nice makeover.

Get Your Girl Flash

Can you get your girl, use the mouse to make what you love fall in love with you.

Miracle Hairdo Flash

Help Rapunzel to dop her long hair as someone told her to do so and we hope that he is the prince.

Breaking News With Ellie! HTML5

Ellie is a famous news presenter now us the mouse to help instruct her and help her in making a professional career.

18 Wheeler Jigsaw Puzzle Flash

Are you a puzzle lover, use the mouse to solve the puzzle and solve the challenges as quickly as you can.

Frozen Wedding Day Flash

It is Frozen wedding day and she is getting ready for the best day in her life, use the mouse to control the game and make her day.

Winter Hair Makeover Flash

It is winter time, use the mouse to make a hair makeover as it is ruined by the winter cold.

Royal College Selfie HTML5

Take a selfie in the Royal College and show that those girls are talented in the whole school.

Cupcake Quiz Flash

Take the quiz to check what type of cupcake lover are you.

A Small Car 2 Flash

Is the second installment of A Small Car games. use the keyboard to control the car, in this version it is harder and more challenging.

Hell Footy HTML5

Can you pass that soccer challenge, use the mouse to control the game, and pass the obstacles.

Longcat Journey HTML5

Chase the fishes, use the mouse to control the game and catch as many fishes as you can.

Distorted Asylum Flash

The waws about to meet your girlfriend and you have heard snaps and knocks in the agreed place, now you realize that it is not normal and you should fine your girlfriend as fast as possible use the mouse to control the game and save your girlfriend and escape as fast as possible.

Frozen Anna Vendor Car Flash

Anna's car got ruined, help them to get the cat back into the road, use the mouse to control the game.

Cupcakes Chef HTML5

Make a nice cupcake use the mouse to control the game., and make a nice delicious cupcake.

Exit Isol8 HTML5

Solve the puzzle to discover space, use your mind to imagine how will you move pieces, use the arrows to control the game, before you ake a move imagine white it is gonna get you if u missed up you can undo using the z button.

Cup and Ball HTML5

Use your mind to help the ball fall into the cup use the mouse to design its way.

Zyppy Pixie HTML5

Use the mouse to ain to fruits and collect as many as possible.

Water Mania Flash

Water Mania is a great game, not yet released, stay tuned coming soon.

Finding My Small Brother Flash

Use the mouse to help this boy to find his small brother, can you find him in the fastest time.

Poke Mania 2 Maze Master HTML5

IS the second installment of Pake Mania games, in this game you should get out of the maze as fast as possible, use the mouse and keyboard to do so.

Willow Smith Make-Up Flash

Willow Smith is trying to make a make up she trusts nobody except you, use the mouse to do so.

Johnny Depp Makeover Flash

Johnny Depp, the famous actor is gonna have a makeover using the mouse to control the game.

Annas Frozen Date Flash

Frozen is going to get a date use the mouse to make her day, help her as fast as you can.

Greyhound Racing HTML5

Do you like dogs races, bet on the winning dog and let's see if it hits you.

My Secret Hero Flash

Your cat is going to die, swear that you will save her use the mouse to guide someone to help her, find the torch as fast as possible and find your way to save her, use the mouse to do so.

Schoolgirl Make-Up Flash

Make that girl look fabulous, she has been annoyed by her friends as they tell them that she is ugly, use the mouse to prove them wrong and to truly show her beauty.

Speedy Math Race HTML5

Test your math skills, use the mouse to solve hard mathematical tasks, let's see how fast can your brain calculate, this game can increase the mathematical skills, play it frequently to see the change.

Golden Treasure Hunting Game Flash

In this amusing game, use the keyboard and the mouse to get to the golden treasure, let's see how fast can you get there.

Blitz Tactics HTML5

Can you plan the war strategy to win the war, use the mouse to design the plan?.

Duck Shoot Evolution HTML5

Use the mouse to shoot the ducks, and avoid shooting the wrong ducks, let's see how will you do.

Stick City HTML5

Do you like a sticky man?, in this great game sticky man is trying to get money in a GTA style, use the mouse to control the game, punch and try not to get kill or busted.

Rugby Down Hero HTML5

Get some fresh fashion tips while playing, use the mouse and discover new styles.

Born of Fire Flash

Are you talented enough to kill your enemies try to do so in the fastest time possible?.

Ariel Baby Wash Flash

Ariel baby wants to have a bath, use the mouse to help her and make her comfortable to win the trust of the princess.